School Safety

All parents/guardians are expected to adhere to the following safety measures, which are designed for the protection of our students:

  • Parents/guardians may take children as far as the front door.
    The students will enter and go directly to their classrooms.  Three, four and five year old students will enter the gym from the outside of the building (second door).  Parent/guardian must walk them to the gym door, until the middle of September.  Teachers are on duty in their classrooms
  • Parents/guardians are not allowed to walk children to the classroom. 
    Tardy students must check in at the office and proceed to their classroom on their own.
  • All visitors must sign in at the office. 
    Badges will be issued to all visitors so that students and staff know that the visitor has checked in at the office and has official business in the school.  No parent should be in the school at any time (including after school) without a badge.
  • Between 7:30 and 7:40 students should enter the building through the rear door, which is unlocked during that time. 
    Students arriving before or after that time must enter through the front door.
  • Students should be dropped off at the rear of the school building, never in the front.
    Parents may choose to park their vehicles and walk their children to the front door, but children are not allowed to walk to the door by themselves.  This is a very serious safety issues, and the cooperation of all parents is expected.










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