38 Days of Giving

The Annual Calendar Drive

The St. Joseph School Holiday Calendar Drive is a 38-day cash prize drawing running from December 25th to January 31st. A money prize is alloted to each of the 38 days and the drawings are held weekly and all daily winner names are re-entered for future drawings. 

Each family is required to take ten calendars to sell or purchase at a cost of $10.00 per calendar. It is our hope that many families will sell more than the 10 required. This is a very important source of income for the school, and we depend on all families to do their share. Additional calendars will be available by contacting the school office.

Weekly incentives are given to the class that sells the most calendars that week - dress down day, ice cream party, pizza party and lunch with the principal. The first class with 100% of their calendars returned will receive $100 that the teacher and students can determine how to spend. Weekly updates will be posted notifying parents and students on the progress of sales.

In addition to class prizes, cash prizes are awarded to the top sellers. And any student who sells 30 or more calendars will be chauffeured by limousine to lunch at a restaurant at a day to be set up in the spring.


  • Winner names will be posted weekly on the school Web site; winners receive prizes by mail.
  • All winners names are put BACK into the drawing, so every ticket has 38 chances to win!


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