St. Joseph School will remain closed through Friday, May 1st 2020. At this time, school could reopen Monday, May 4th, 2020.

2017 Academic Award Winners

Congratulations to the Academic Award Winners. These awards are given to students who have shown outstanding ability and progress in academic subjects.

Grade 6 - Emily Donovan
Grade 7 - Caseley DiMestico
Grade 8 - Luke Summers

Grace 6 - Matthew Hoover
Grade 7 - Leo DeSimone
Grade 8 - Alyanna Dusaban

Language Arts
Grade 6 - Shaylee Flynn-Linehan
Grade 7 - Anh Le
Grade 8 - Ryan LeBrun

Grade 6 - Garren Nordquist
Grade 7 - Molly Quinn
Grade 8 - Emma Grzybinski

Social Studies
Grade 6 - Ciara Charles
Grade 7 - Brenna Ho
Grade 8 - Kaitlyn Monagle

Grade 6 - Emma Duffy
Grade 7 -Dillon Reedy
Grade 8 - Emily Nguyen

Grade 6 - Haley Laso
Grade 7 -Molly Quinn
Grade 8 - Emily Nguyen

Grade 6 - Shaylee Flynn Linehan
Grade 7 - Molly Quinn
Grade 8 - Luke Summers

Physical Education
Grade 6 - Matthew Hoover
Grade 7 - Caseley DiMestico
Grade 8 - Gabriel Fernandez

This award is being given this year to the students who has achieved the most outstanding level of academic excellence by earning the highest overall average. They have also displayed superior character, co-operation, and responsibility. The awards this year are presented to: Alyanna Dusaban and Ryan LeBrun.

This prestigious award for general excellence is given each year to any student who has maintained a least a A- average from grade four through grade eight, and who has achieved a score in the 85% percentile or above, in standardized achievement test for the same period of time. A gold certificate accompaniesa letter from the President of the United States. This year the following students are the recipient of this award - Alyanna Dusaban and Ryan LeBrun.



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