St. Joseph School will remain closed through Friday, May 1st 2020. At this time, school could reopen Monday, May 4th, 2020.

Field Day is on the Way!

St. Joseph School Field Day is an annual event held at the end of each school year to celebrate our student achievements! The day is spent outside, playing games, having fun and enjoying a BBQ lunch.  

We ask for your help with donations of food/drink items and, if you are able, your time to help with the event!

Food/Drink Items Needed
Please drop your donations off to school by Tuesday, May 30h.

  • Grade 7 - 6-packs of Gatorade (small bottles preferable)
  • Grade 6 - 6-packs of Gatorade (small bottles preferable)
  • Grade 5  - box of individual packages of cookies
  • Grade 4 - packages of juice boxes
  • Grade 3 – 6-Packs of Gatorades (small bottles are preferable)
  • Grade 2 - box of individually wrapped Goldfish
  • Grade 1 - box of individually snacks Gold fish
  • Kindergarten - box of individual packages of cookies
  • Pre-K – water

Volunteers Needed

If you are able, please return the attached form by Tuesday May 23rd.
Moms! Dads!  Loved ones!  We need you!  It’s a great day to spend with the students. The children have a great time at this event but we cannot do it without the help of many volunteers. There are many opportunities to help out! If you are able to help, please specify what time and for how long you are available. Please make sure your CORI forms are up to date with Rosa.

Permission Slip
Please review and sign the attached student permission slip by Tuesday May 30th

Field Day takes place on the school grounds, Friday, June 9th, 8:30am – 1:30pm. All children from grades Pre-K through Seven are invited to participate. However, if we do not receive a signed permission slip for your child they will not be able to participate.

Thank you in advance for your support! Your assistance is truly appreciated!


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