St. Joseph School will remain closed through Friday, May 1st 2020. At this time, school could reopen Monday, May 4th, 2020.

Guideline for Keeping Sick Children Home from School

The purpose of this letter is to provide information about when to keep your child home from school. Children should not go to school when they're contagious to others, when they have a fever or when they're too sick to learn. Childhood illnesses are spread easily when children are in close contact in the school setting.

Guideline for Keeping Sick Children Home from School

  • Fever: A child should remain home from school with a fever of 100.0 F or greater without fever reducing medication.  Children MUST be fever-free (without fever reducer) for 24hrs.
  • Vomiting/Diarrhea: A child with repeated vomiting or diarrhea (2 or more times) in the past 24 hours should remain at home.
  • Strep Throat:A child diagnosed with Strep Throat should not return to school until they have been on prescribed antibiotics for 24hrs.
  • Conjunctivitis/Pink Eye: A child with red, itchy eyes with green or yellow discharge should not come to school.  Following a diagnosis of conjunctivitis, a child may return to school after 24 hrs on prescribed antibiotic.
  • Head Lice:  A child with active infestations of lice or presence of nits should not come to school.
  • Rash: if rash is draining/weeping or accompanied by a fever the child should not attend school.  A child with a suspicious rash may return to school only after a health care provider has made a diagnosis and authorized a child’s return to school.  Please bring written authorization to school upon return.
  • Any illness when the child is not able function normally in the classroom without pain/discomfort should be reason to keep child home. Such illnesses may include but not limited to: severe sore throat, excessive cough, headache, earache, or stomach ache.

Please contact your child’s physician if there is a question as to whether a student needs medical attention. 



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