St. Joseph School will remain closed through Friday, May 1st 2020. At this time, school could reopen Monday, May 4th, 2020.

SSPSL Basketball All Star Game-March 7th

The South Shore Parochial League's All-Star Game will be held in the St Joseph School Gym on March 7th. The schedule is below. Admission is $5.00 per person and the snack bar will have lunch items as well as snacks and drinks.


Time of Game Teams
9:00AM 3/4 Boys
10:00AM 3/4 Girls
11:00AM 5/6 Boys East
12:00PM Freethrow Competition
1:00PM 5/6 Boys West
2:00PM 5/6 Girls East
3:00PM 5/6 Girls West
4:00PM 7/8 Boys Junior
5:00PM 7/8 Girls Junior
6:00PM 7/8 Boys Senior
7:00PM 7/8 Girls Senior

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