Question: Is St Josephs A Aaalac Regualted?

Is it required for all research facilities to be Aaalac accredited?

Moreover, all DoD institutions that house animals for research, testing, or training are required to secure and maintain AAALAC accreditation (DoD, 2010). The University of California system requires that all of its member campuses be AAALAC- accredited (Smith, 2011).

What does Aaalac stand for?

The program started in 1965, when leading veterinarians and researchers organized the American Association for Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC), as a private, nonprofit organization.

What document provides the Guidelines for working with infectious diseases in animal research?

The PHS Policy and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal Welfare Regulations 2, are the two principal federal documents that set forth requirements for animal care and use by institutions using animals in research, testing, and education.

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Is Aaalac accreditation voluntary?

AAALAC International is a private, nonprofit organization that promotes the humane treatment of animals in science through voluntary accreditation and assessment programs.

What percentage of animals used in biomedical research are rodents?

The National Association for Biomedical Research (NABR) has stated—based on its knowledge of research facilities—that 95% of all lab mammals in the United States are rodents. That would equal about 14.8 million animals, similar to Speaking of Research’s average.

What is Aaalac and what are the requirements for accreditation?

The AAALAC International accreditation program evaluates organizations that use animals in research, teaching or testing. Those that meet or exceed AAALAC standards are awarded accreditation. The accreditation process includes an extensive internal review conducted by the institution applying for accreditation.

What is LATG certification?

This program was developed to recognize professional achievement and provide an authoritative endorsement of a technician’s level of knowledge in laboratory animal technology. AALAS certifies technicians at three levels: Laboratory Animal Technologist (LATG)

What animals does the PHS policy cover?

The PHS policy applies to all live vertebrate animals used in teaching, research and testing.

What is recommended for controlling noise in an animal facility?

Protective rails or bumpers are recommended and, if provided, should be sealed or manufactured to prevent vermin access. In corridors leading to dog or swine housing facilities, cage-washing facilities, and other high-noise areas, double-door entry vestibules or other noise traps should be considered.

What factors make the assessment of pain and distress difficult in rodents?

Environmental factors such as noise, humidity and vibration. Vocalization in rats and mice without being provoked. Isolation from the rest of its cage mates. Environmental factors such as noise, humidity and vibration.

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Which procedure is an example of refinement?

Examples of refinement include ensuring the animals are provided with housing that allows the expression of species-specific behaviours, using appropriate anaesthesia and analgesia to minimise pain, and training animals to cooperate with procedures to minimise any distress.

Why is Aaalac accreditation important?

AAALAC International accredited institutions can use their accreditation as a recruiting tool to attract the best and brightest researchers and professors. Accreditation assures potential employees that the institution is dedicated to achieving the highest standards for animal care and use.

What must Investigators do prior to making any significant changes in their use of animals?

What must investigators do prior to making any significant changes in their use of animals? Obtain IACUC approval. Remove the animal from the threat if safe to do so and contact the attending veterinarian or IACUC.

Which agency approves the use of animals in research?

The United States Department of Agriculture: The United States Department of Agriculture, or USDA, is the federal agency responsible for overseeing and inspecting laboratories that experiment on animals, as well as those who breed and sell animals for use in laboratories.

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